ControlSpace Designer Software


ControlSpace Designer software provides all the necessary tools and functions to configure both the audio signal processing and network operation of Bose engineered sound processors and PowerMatch amplifiers. The open DSP architecture of engineered sound processors is supported by a complete library of signal processing functions, allowing for the creation of a fully customized signal processing design. Network configuration tools help to quickly set up all PowerMatch amplifiers and engineered sound processors for operation on the larger ControlSpace control network.

A library of control functions can be created using Parameter Set and Group control functions. A single Parameter Set can change the state of a single processing function, or a collection of various processing parameters when invoked, while Groups provide the ability to control multiple gains simultaneously or multiple instances of the same signal processing function type. Both Parameter Set and Group programming functions are easily mapped to the physical controls of a Bose control center, or can be invoked remotely using a standard serial protocol, time/schedule-based invocation or general-purpose inputs(1).

Once the signal processing and control system design are complete, Smart Simulation gives the system designer the ability to test and modify all control programming while offline. Smart Simulation uses virtual representation of physical control centers to configure and test system control programming—eliminating the need to connect to the actual system for control testing purposes.

When actively connected to the system, ControlSpace Designer software is used to configure the operation of all signal processing functions, as a system interface for system set-up and optimization, or as a system monitor. When configured for monitor mode, all device parameters are protected and the system operator only has access to virtual control centers and amplifier monitor functions.

Integrated Dante routing, configuration and monitoring streamlines setup and control of optional Dante networked audio components.

(1) Timer and GPI-based invocation of parameter sets is only available with engineered sound processors.


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